Vetter Belt

The Best Built Lift Assist Belt


The VETTER BELT is the best built 

lift assist belt on the market today. 

It can easily be placed on a person who 

has fallen and needs assistance

to get back on their feet. 

        Applying the belt, lifting the patient, and then removing the belt can be done in less than 5 minutes.


  • Waist belt is made of 3" wide, high strength nylon webbing and measures 72 inches long. (6ft.)
  • Leg straps  are made of 2" wide,  high strength nylon webbing. and measures 48 inches long. (4ft.)
  • 14  yellow lifting handle are  sewn right into the waist belt. This allows for four or more lifters to access the large patient
  • The VETTER BELT components are color coded to make adjustments easier.
  • Tested to failure by an independent lab. Failed at over 5,000 lbs. of force.
  •  Uses high strength notchless carabiners, not D-Rings or plastic buckles.
  • Notchless carabiners are easy to attach and remove use while wearing latex or nitrile gloves
  • Attatchments are made at the persons hip, descreetly away from the groin area.
  • Can be machine washed and machined dried, making decontamination easy



The VETTER BELT is Easy To Use


The VETTER BELT was designed by firefighters who needed a lift assist belt that was very strong, durable, 

easy to use, easy to clean, 

and it needed to be affordable.

  The VETTER BELT  was  field tested for five years  by firefighters, paramedics, EMTs, and healthcare professionals, and they really put the 

VETTER BELT through its paces. 

 Their vital input about the product 

made the Vetter even Better. 

The VETTER BELT has now evolved

 into this final Patented version.

Other lift assist belts on the market today require that you purchase several sized belts to accommodate various sized people. 


The problem with that is, many different sized belts need to be purchased, and once on scene, the emergency responder or caregiver needs to determine which 

size belt to use.


The Vetter Belt can be used on a variety of different sized people, 

from the small and frail patient 

to the morbidly obese. 

One VETTER BELT is all you need!


* The Vetter Belt was designed to be a lift assist belt only, and despite its strength, should not be used in any life safety, technical rescue scenario. 

One Size Fits All


The VETTER BELT was designed to accommodate the small and frail patient, all the way up to the 

morbidly obese patient. 

Healthcare professionals have told us they have used the VETTER BELT to lift the aging, frail patient. 

By doing so they prevented skin tears, 

bruising, dislocations and other problems because they did not have to lift the frail patient by their extremities. 

Others have reported lifting patients who weighed in excess of 600 lbs. 

The lift was more comfortable for the heavy patient and the people doing the heavy lifting were impressed by the  ease of using the waist belt and leg straps to securely lift the patient, which helped prevent injury to the patient and the people doing the lifting.


We sent the Vetter Belt to an independent lab and asked them to determine its breaking strength. 

They pulled it to failure and  test results showed that the VETTER BELT failed at 5,170 pounds of force. 

Rest assured the VETTER BELT 

is more than strong enough to 

do the heavy lifting.


* All product testing done by

 Accutek Testing Laboratory

 3701 Port Union Road, Fairfield, Ohio 45014

 Phone: (513) 984-4112