VETTER BELT Testimonials

Large Man in a Tub


Our engine was called for a 

Rescue Nature Unknown.

 Upon arrival we found a large man lying in his bathtub/shower. A neighbor heard him calling for help and she called 911. The shower water, which was set on warm, was now running cold and the man was showing signs of hypothermia.

We placed the VETTER BELT on the man and helped him exit the tub. 

We then dried him off and warmed him up.

 He was very grateful because he

 knew he was helpless, in deep trouble, 

and couldn't get up.

 Without the use of the VETTER BELT, 

the extrication of this man would have been difficult to say the least. 


Pool Rescue


  Our rescue truck was called for a Rescue Nature Unknown.

 We responded to the neighborhood rec center when the manager told us a large paraplegic woman was doing her daily morning swim. When it was time for her to exit the pool, the hydraulic lift chair, located in the corner of the pool had malfunctioned. We had her swim to the shallow end of the pool and two of us entered the water and placed the VETTER BELT on the woman. 

We lifted her up to two people standing on the pool deck and proceeded to place her in her wheelchair located at  poolside. Problem solved.

 * These testimonials are all true events. 

The names have been omitted  to 

protect their identity.

Sick Person Response


Our ambulance was called

 for a Sick Person. 

Upon arrival we found a large man (250 lb.) lying in bed in his upstairs bedroom. The patient stated he had been running a high fever for three days and was home alone and was suffering 

a lot, so he decided to call 911. 

After examining the patient we discovered he had cellulitis completely covering both of his legs from his knees down to his toes, 

and he was probably septic.

 The patient insisted he was capable of

 walking down the stairs unaided.

 We placed the VETTER BELT on the man as a precaution. Not to our surprise, the man barely made it to the top of the stairs because 

he was so weak.

 Since he was unable to ambulate on his own, and with the VETTER BELT in place, we proceeded to support his weight and carefully and securely carry him down the stairs.

Cardiac Arrest


Our Fire Engine was called for a 

Mutual Aid Response 

to help another fire department north of our jurisdiction. Upon arrival we found a a semi truck on the shoulder of the interstate. We were told that a 400 pound man was located in the semi's sleeper cab. The sleeper cab did not have an exterior door and the man was showing signs of cardiac arrest. 

We quickly put the VETTER BELT 

on the man and rigged a lowering system using ropes and pulleys. 

We worked him between the front seats and lowered him to an ambulance gurney just outside the passenger door. 

I do not recommend using the Vetter Belt for any type of technical rescue, however, due to the nature of the call and the size of the patient, 

we resorted to use what we had on hand to quickly extricate this large man.

High Praise


Being the paramedic supervisor for our ambulance company I am responsible for many things, the most important is being responsible for the safety and well being of the hard working 

people under my charge.

During any patient lift, the VETTER BELT gives us something else to grab 

onto other than the patient. 

This feature of the VETTER BELT 

helps prevent injury to ourselves.  

And the patients who we used it on so far, 

are really happy with it. 

In fact, two days after we received the VETTER BELT, a woman we used it on was so happy she asked us to make sure and bring it back if we needed to lift her again. She was amazed by it. 

I must admit, this is the the best piece of EMS equipment I have seen in the 12 years I have been a paramedic and we have added the VETTER BELT to all 21 or our ambulances.